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                Four strokes with the 4 or 5 valve combination ATV, Motorcycles  

XXX-XC Cross Country,   XXX-MX Motorcross,  

XXX-DR  Drag Race


Shorten Valve guides            

3 Angle Valve job                     

Clean and inspect head.        

Disassemble and reassemble.         

Adjust and Shim Valves               

∞ Race springs-Retainers          

New  Oversized valves 1mm O/S   Then we machine and enlarge intake and exhaust ports for more increased air flow and horsepower   

XC Port and Polished           
Mx Port and Polished                      
Drag Port And Polished

     ** Please include all Cam Buckets, Cam Shafts, and Cam Holders and Bolts **


  XX-XC  Cross Country,  XX-MX  Motorcross, XX-DR  Drag Race

                                                  (Drag Race)

XC Port Polished  MX Port Polished  DR Port Polished    

New Valve Seals                   

∞Clean and Inspect Head       

Grind/Seat Valves                                                        

                              ∞ disassembly and reassembly included