About Us

Southern Kentucky Motorsports was established in 1998 by Chris Berry. I was a racer and mechanic I started working in a shop at the age of 14 started by just sweeping the floors and progressively went from there. I stayed with that local shop for many years as they grew to a Polaris, Yamaha and Still and Dixon and Exmark dealers, While I was there I attended many dealer training classes and done 2 years vocational in mechanics while in high school. I then later went from there to a Honda dealership one of the Honda technicians. After a while of doing that I decided to start my business in 1998 in a 1200 square foot building and grew from there. In 2006 I then moved to larger building expanding, the motto is “we don’t just ride we race.” I have been in the racing scene for 25 years and have won over 10 championships along with several second and third place championships, so I knows what it takes to win races. I am an engine builder and fabricator. I have been a sponsored rider for many years by Zbroz racing with the ARSFX racing components and Exit shocks. In 2019 I heard they were selling ARSFX, so then I contacted them and worked out a deal to purchase the long lasting generation of high quality racing components that have been used and tested and still being used by many top Pro, A, B and C riders. The parts are built with high quality long lasting and durable components. ARSFX components was established in 2005 ARSFX is latin for ‘Art in motion’ and was the first maximum ground clearance arm on the market. They never compromised quality or durability that’s what makes these products what they are. We will continue to do the same work as what the creator has made. We believe in that if anything we will make it better. We hope you decide to start using our products, the ones that stand out above the crowd, and wins championships.