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Shock Servicing:  Inspect all working components , Seals , Shafts , Bushings, Eyelets . includes disassembly and reassembling. Spring changes :(Customers pay for springs). Cleaning. Lubrication of seals. High performance oil. Nitrogen included if your shocks requires it. Example EXIT, AXIS, Fox, ELKA , MOTOWOZ, PEP, Works , Ohlins  OEM Factory shocks; ones that are serviceable.

Our standard turnaround time is 7-10 business days, from when we receive the shock or shocks if additional special order parts are needed this may prolong the service but you will be informed of that by call, text, or email.

We do offer a rush service of $50 additional per shock. This will move your job to the front and does not guarantee a same-day turnaround time, without knowing the condition of the shock. This will not impact other customers' jobs we will be working on. Our rush jobs will entail us doing overtime to get our rush customers' orders done. Please wash and clean all shocks before sending them into service, if not this will include an additional charge for cleaning prior to our work. Valving changes etc, if needed are done by request of customer and we will contact you about the services Please print and fill out our service form.

Dirty Shocks will have a $50 service charge added to the bill


Front Shocks (pair): $199  Re-Valve Additional: $99

Rear Shocks: $125  Re-Valve Additional: $75

Quads with 4 shocks (sports utilities): $399  Re-Valve Additional: $99

*Can also do shock length changes: price will determine after shocks are disassembled to determine parts that are needed. 




Small Body: $190  Re-Valve Additional: $90

Large Body: $240 Re-Valve Additional: $90


Small Body: $190  Re-Valve Additional: $90

Large Body: $240  Re-Valve Additional: $90


Front Fork Service: $199  Re-Valve Additional: $99

Front Shocks: $199  Re-Valve Additional: $99

Rear Shocks: $125  Re-Valve Additional:  $75

Street Bike:

Front Shocks: $199  Re-Valve Additional: $99

Rear Shocks: $125  Re-Valve additional: $75

Shock servicing DOES NOT include parts they may need!

Any spring changes will be an additional charge depending on the make and model, we will contact you on the charges prior to the work by customer request.